Tyler Price

Tyler Price has certainly left a carbon footprint. Check our some of our favorite video parts and photos of the Diesel Division™ ‘s finest.

Steve Perdue

I t’s been over a decade since tales of the this unsung hero began catching midwest winds and traveling north, south, west, east, inevitably touching various corners of this great land. Today, Steve continues to contribute his talent, dedication, and his love to the skateboard culture, while simultaneously touching the lives of anyone who stumbles … Read More

Bobby Dodd

B obby Dodd shines when he skates… literally. Stories circulate that when Bobby lands a trick, you can actually see the rippling after-steeze break out like a wave and crawl off into the horizon. Bobby has a solid reputation of being hands-down THE MAN; an “on and off the board BOSS!” But you don’t have … Read More

Connor Ferguson

Check out the latest photo & video highlights from Fireside Skateboarding ambassador Connor Ferguson and find out when he’ll be on tour next!

Storm Fogg

Check out photo & videos from Fireside alum Storm Fogg.

Adam Crew

A s the founder of FIREXSIDE, Adam Crew has spent the past 20 years of his life becoming a jack of all trades, and in the end, has emerged a master of many. He spent his early years riding for companies like Venture Trucks, Pig Wheels, and Popwar. During his career, he took a great … Read More

Kameron Loveless

Check out the latest photo & video highlights from Fireside Street Soldier, Kameron Loveless.

Alan Chou

Meet Alan Chou, our newest team member and 2nd reason to visit Reno 😉